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AUDITS AND REVIEWS: Burns, O'Hare & Bella, Inc. offers complete professional audit services to small and medium sized private businesses and non-profit agencies.  A review entails inquiry of analytical procedures to financial statements provided by management to determine if they are reasonable.  Reviewed financial statements will provide full disclosure of all material aspects of your business' financial position.

BUSINESS CONSULTING:  Provides an array of management consulting services for small businesses which includes setting up the appropriate accounting systems for your business. We also provide management consulting services that provide assistance in business activities, such as debt and equity financing, investments, mergers and liquidations, litigations support and other business advisory services.

 EMPLOYEE BENEFIT: Employee benefits have become a rapidly increasing concern for business owners.  We provide services to help ease this concern, specializing in audits of employee benefit plans to give you and your employees the optimal benefit plan for your business.

ESTATE PLANNING: Burns, O'Hare & Bella, Inc. provides estate planning to help its clients with concerns like tax minimization and proper estate management.  Estate management is a primary concern for many business owners and with many years of experience we are ready to assist you.

FINANCIAL STATMENTS: We provide compilation of personal financial statements that could assist you in assessing your personal financial position.  These statements can also be used to obtain personal loans.

MONTHLY BOOKKEEPING SERVICES: Burns, O'Hare, & Bella Inc., also provides monthly bookkeeping services to its clients.  Your business' general journal will be maintained with the use of  your check stubs and other information.  Detailed general ledgers that record dates, check numbers, payees and the amounts of all expenses within each of your businesses accounts for the month and the year to date.  If and when the auditors come, your business' accounting information is in good order.

TAX PLANNING & PREPARATION: With our help your business receives a thorough, unhurried tax consultation, with up to the minute information in tax accounting. We provide Federal, State and Local tax services, including tax planning for corporations, individuals and estates in areas such as compensation, ax shelters, acquisitions and mergers.

TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING: Burns, O'Hare & Bella, Inc. provides its clients with computer services from recommending hardware and software and also implementing new systems.  The firm also provides troubleshooting assistance with accounting software packages, like Peachtree, QuickBooks, and One Write Plus.